BIPEA acts to support the analytical performances of laboratories. Its mission is to ensure and improve the laboratories’ level of expertise in Europe and worldwide through the organization of proficiency testing programs and other associated services.




BIPEA offers various services to laboratories in the control and quality of their analytical results :

  • Regular proficiency testing programs : We offer more than 220 regular PT programs for physico-chemical, microbiological, sensorial and contaminants analyses, with a wide range of parameters. We cover the fields of Food, Drinks, Grains, Feed, Waters, Soils, Cosmetics…

  • External reference materials : BIPEA provides external reference materials (from the PT programs) at attractive prices to its members.

  • Customized PT programs : Depending on your needs and objectives, BIPEA is able to organize specific interlaboratory comparisons, whether to evaluate the performance of a group of laboratories, a method or to produce reference samples. It can also take action in one or more step of an interlaboratory comparison and provide its expertise.

  • Technical control and agreement : BIPEA manages the technical control on behalf of official bodies in order to grant laboratories a specific recognition through approvals or authorizations.

  • Training course : BIPEA organizes theoretical and / or practical training courses on technical subjects.





Our services are dedicated to laboratories performing routine physico-chemical, microbiological and / or sensorial analyses on different types of matrices (food, environmental, cosmetics, pharmaceutics).

They may be accredited laboratories or not (public, private, factory laboratories…).






  • Evaluate the accuracy of their analytical results,

  • Control and improve the performance of their analysis in the  short, medium and long-term basis,

  • Check the good functioning of their equipment as well as the technical skills of their staff,

  • Meet the requirements of quality standards,

  • Giving their clients confidence in the quality and safety of their products or services,

  • Promote their analytical performance to their clients.