External Reference Materials are samples from the same batch as the samples used in our regular proficiency testing programs.

They enable you to check your analytical performance with samples which assigned value has already been estimated.

Thanks to these samples, you can monitor your quality in addition to BIPEA regular PT programs.

We take all the necessary care regarding their storage conditions and their shipping, before and beyond your order’s confirmation.


BIPEA External Reference Materials meet the requirements of FD V 03-115 guidelines. They are exclusively dedicated to our members and are sold individually after the validation of the assigned values by the technical president of the program and the publication of the reports.

External Reference Materials are sent after the publication of the Interlaboratory Comparisons Report (ILCR). They are stored in appropriate conditions: positive cold room, tempered room or negative cold room. The storage time depends on the nature of the sample.

The duration and storage conditions are therefore guaranteed by BIPEA and allow you to obtain samples of the same quality in terms of homogeneity.

Particular case for PTS in microbiology:

PT 51b: ERM samples are available during 6 months, starting from the manufacturing date,

PT 51j: ERM samples are available during 1 year, starting from the manufacturing date

PT 83a: ERM samples are available during 1 year, starting from the manufacturing date

PT 35-50-51 (options 51a-51c-51d-51e-51f-51h) – 54 – 56 – 79 do not offer ERMs samples because of their instability on the long term,

However if you are interested in additional samples, you can order them in advance and they will be delivered at the same time as the samples for the regular PT programs.

Prices depend on the nature of the samples and your locations.

To obtain the list of ERM samples, please log into your member area, tab “schedules and ERM stock”.

You can also contact our sales department: sales@bipea.org


As ERM samples may face great popularity, throughout laboratories, we may encounter stocks shortages. We invite you to set up an ERM contract (for a minimum order of 10 samples). With this contract, you will be provided in ERM samples during the year and benefit from discounts (up to 40% off).

These contracts allow us to manufacture more samples in advance and to provide enough ERM for all the participants.

Contact our sales department for more information sales@bipea.org