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Frequently asked questions2018-01-12T02:01:06+01:00
Is Bipea accredited or certified?2017-12-28T14:30:41+01:00
Bipea is ISO 9001 certified by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) ISO/IEC 17043 accredited, for the organization of interlaboratory comparisons.
See more details here: QUALITY
Who manufactures Bipea samples?2020-06-01T11:46:11+02:00

Samples used for proficiency tests are manufactured and controlled by our internal Manufacturing and Shipping Department.

How to explain the stability of samples proposed for the testing schemes?2020-06-01T11:49:27+02:00

BIPEA assures that the samples submitted for proficiency testing are stable enough to ensure that they will not evolve significantly throughout the trial (from the shipment of the samples to the deadline for reporting the results).
For unstable samples by nature, it is recommended to perform the analysis upon samples’ receipt.

Why become member of Bipea?2020-06-01T11:51:33+02:00

Become member of Bipea enables you to participate in testing rounds at attractive prices.
As a member of Bipea, you may enjoy from our wide range of External Reference Material at lower prices. Thus, member of Bipea are invited to participate to technical committees in which they can suggest their recommendations in order to improve the schemes.

What is a campaign of interlaboratory comparisons?2020-06-01T12:16:01+02:00

Bipea organizes interlaboratory comparisons by annual series or program. Each program is composed of several rounds: from 2 to 10 rounds and each round is composed of 1 to 10 trials.
For example:
– PTS « 10-Oilseeds » is composed of 10 rounds (1 per month) and each round contains 2 to 3 samples (participating laboratories to this PTS will receive 23 samples from September to June).
– PTS « 52-Waste waters: physic chemical analysis » is composed of 6 rounds and each round contains 4 to 10 samples (participating laboratories will receive 37 samples from September to June).

Why do we organize tests program?2017-12-28T14:32:10+01:00

We organize test program in order to evaluate the accuracy results of laboratories at a long term basis. It is one of the main missions of Bipea. In fact, a systematic bias or drift of your test results will be only highlighted by a long-term observation. That is why we offer annual series (called campaign) composed by regular rounds.

Can I register only to a specific sample test?2017-12-28T14:32:24+01:00

Once you register at the beginning of the campaign, you will receive all the samples. If you register during the campaign, you receive the samples as from the month of your participation. However, you are not obliged to analyze all the samples you receive: only ones which interest you. Then, you cannot register only for one matrix or one parameter.

Must I carry out all the analysis in the form?2017-12-28T14:32:37+01:00

No, you carry out only analysis that interest you.

What are the benefits to participate to interlaboratory comparisons?2017-12-28T14:33:14+01:00
Who participates in Bipea proficiency testing schemes?2020-06-01T12:17:42+02:00

Bipea members are laboratories carrying out physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory analysis, in different fields such as grains industry, agro industry, environment and cosmetics. Those laboratories are concerned by control and quality. It is not necessary to be accredited to participate in our trials.

Must I be a member to participate to Bipea PTS?2020-06-01T12:20:51+02:00

Yes, due to our nonprofit organization status, Bipea services can only be provided to its members.

What is a proficiency testing scheme?2017-12-28T14:34:53+01:00
How can I register?2017-12-28T14:35:11+01:00

To register, please contact the sales department by phone 0033. or email Sales department will give you all details and send you the registration form.

When can I register?2017-12-28T14:35:23+01:00

Laboratories can register at the beginning of the campaign or during the campaign. The price will be calculated according to their participation.

Is the renewal participation made automatically?2017-12-28T14:35:52+01:00

Yes, the re-registration is made by tacit agreement.
During the renewal, the sales department registers you for the new campaign with the same schemes that your laboratory participated in.
For example: Laboratory X registered for PTS 01, 10 and 42 will be automatically registered for the same schemes.
If you want to change or to stop your participation to our proficiency testing schemes, please let us know during the renewal period (from June to August) by email:

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