Laboratories can enroll in BIPEA PT programs either at the beginning of the annual series or during the year.
Our laboratory analysis policy is based on continuous monitoring: it is not possible for laboratories to only register for one round, with the exception of the Pesticides tests. The laboratories will receive all the samples of the annual series, from their registration.

To participate in our regular PT programs or enjoy ERM samples’ deliveries, the laboratory must be a member of our organization.

An annual subscription is required from each and every participant to cover the administrative fees.

In addition to the annual fee, laboratories will be invoiced for our regular PT programs and ERMs samples.


As part of our regular PT programs, we ensure the anonymity and total confidentiality of the laboratories’ information.

To do so, a coding system is used. The confidentiality of the data is therefore ensured at several levels:

Administrative information: all administrative information provided by the laboratories is confidential and cannot be disclosed in any way.

Laboratory’s registrations: upon their first registration, a 5-digit code is assigned to laboratories. This code is valid for life and will be requested for all communication.

Reporting of results on the online form; Laboratories participating in BIPEA programs benefit from several confidential codes:

INPUT password: This code is for entering the results on the online form,

VALIDATION password: This code is for validating the results

– EDITION code: This code identifies the results of your laboratory in the interlaboratory comparisons report. This code is modified at the beginning of each and every annual series and can be consulted in the member area using the passwords.