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Physico-chemical analyses

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Programs Matrices Parameters Accreditation Rounds / year Schedule
01 – Common wheat Common wheat Physico-chemical analyses, analysis on grains, flour, milling test accredited* 10 Download
05 – Common wheat: varietal identification Common wheat Identification of varieties 6 Download
06 – Durum wheat Durum wheat Physico-chemical analyses, Sieve control, Impurities determination, Mitadine accredited* 10 Download
08 – Impurities determination Grains Analysis according the addendum I, II, V Sieve control 10 Download
09 – Moisture determination Grains, Flour Moisture content accredited* 10 Download
10 – Oilseeds Grains Physico-chemical analyses, Fatty acid composition accredited* 10 Download
10a – Soya Soya Physico-chemical analyses, Fatty acid composition accredited* 5 Download
11 – Brewing barley: Physico-chemical analyses and germination test Barley Physico-chemical analyses, Sieve control, Germination test, Infrared analyses 10 Download
12 – Food pulses Grains Analyses according the Addendum n°VII 10 Download
23 – Brewing barley: specific and varietal purity Barley Specific and varietal purity 10 Download
69 – Wheat: French bread making test Common wheat Milling test, Bread making, characteristics of the dough, Sensory analysis accredited* 3 Download
110a – Rice: Physico-chemical analyses Rice Physico-chemical analyses 1 Download

* To know the matrices and parameters under accreditation, download the detailed scope of accreditation