Proficiency testing programs SOILS – FERTILIZERS – SLUDGES – SEDIMENTS

Physico-chemical, microbiological & contaminants analyses

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Programs Matrices Parameters Accreditation Rounds / year Schedule
15 – Soils Soils Physical, chemical and granulometrical analyses accredited* 10 Download
15a – Fresh soils Soils Biologic activity of the soil accredited* 2 Download
24 – Mineral fertilizers Mineral fertilizers Physical, chemical and granulometrical analyses  accredited* 7 Download
24a – Organo-mineral fertilizers Organo-mineral fertilizer NPK Physical, chemical and granulometrical analyses  accredited* 1 Download
38a – Sludges, sediments, soils – Physico chemistry Sludges, Sediments, soils Physical analyses, metals accredited* 6 Download
38b – Sludges, sediments, soils – Micropollutants Sludges, Sediments, soils PCB, PAH, insecticides, other parameters accredited* 6 Download
45 – Organic fertilizers Organic fertilizers Physico-chemical analyses  accredited* 5 Download
45a – Compost – Hg, PAH and PCB Household waste compost Mercury, PAH, PCB  accredited* 1 Download
91a – Fertilizers microbiology: E. coli, Enterococci, Clostridium Natural compost (plant origin) Enumeration:

E. coli, Enterococci, Clostridium, Staphylococcus aureus,
Thermotolerant coliforms

 accredited* 2 Download
91b – Fertilizers microbiology: Salmonella Natural compost (plant origin) Salmonella (detected / not detected)  accredited* 2 Download
91c – Fertilizers microbiology: Listeria Natural compost (plant origin) Listeria (detected / not detected)  accredited* 2 Download

* To know the matrices and parameters under accreditation, download the detailed scope of accreditation