Proficiency testing programs FLAVORS – FRAGRANCES – ESSENTIAL OILS

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Programs Matrices Parameters Rounds / year Accreditation Schedule
62 – Flavourings and fragrances Flavourings, fragrances, essential oils Physico-chemical analyses 5 accredited* Download
62d – Flavourings and fragrances: GC analyses Flavourings, fragrances, essential oils GC analyses 2 accredited* Download
62e – Flavourings and fragrances: LC analyses Flavourings, fragrances, essential oils LC analyses 2 accredited* Download
62f – Flavourings and fragrances: Chirality Flavourings, fragrances, essential oils Chirality 1 accredited* Download
62g – Flavourings and fragrances: GC quantitative analyses Benzaldehyde, Absolue, Hedione Benzene quantitative analyse, % cis & trans, Limonene quantitative analyse 2 Download
66i – Multi-residue screening of pesticides Essential oils Pesticides 4 accredited* Download

* To know the matrices and parameters under accreditation, download the detailed scope of accreditation