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Physico-chemical & microbiological analyses

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Programs Matrices Parameters Accreditation Rounds / year Schedule
02 – Flour: physico-chemical analyses and alveograph Flours Physico-chemical analyses, Alveograph accredited* 10 Download
03 – Flour: French bread making test Flours Physico-chemical analyses of flour, French bread making test criteria, analyses of the dough and the bread accredited* 5 Download
07 – Semolina Semolina Physico-chemical analyses accredited* 10 Download
16 – Filth test Flours, Semolina Rodents, insects, acarinas, fragments… accredited* 5 Download
25 – Flour: Farinograph Flours Physico-chemical analyses Farinograph / Mixolab accredited* 10 Download
41 – Flour: Rheofermentometer Flours Rheology accredited* 10 Download
47 – Flour: French Tradition bread Flours Physico-chemical analyses of flour, dough, bread and crumb characteristics accredited* 4 Download
72 – Flour: Mixolab standard protocol Flours Standard protocol parameters accredited* 10 Download
56 – Microbiology in flours Flours Coagulase positive Staphylococci, Escherichia coli, Moulds, Sulfite-reducing anaerobic bacteria at 46°C, Salmonella, Total viable count (TVC), Total Coliforms, Yeasts accredited* 4 Download
NEW 56a- Flour microbiology: Artificial contamination Flours Enumeration: E.Coli

Salmonella spp (detected/ not detected)

1 Download

* To know the matrices and parameters under accreditation, download the detailed scope of accreditation