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New member area

Your new member area is soon available.

This new platform has been developed to meet your needs especially for the reception of your results. In addition to receiving final reports by email, you will have access to your personalized results online. You can thus export them directly to an Excel format from your member area, in order to facilitate your in-house treatment.

This space will allow you to access the schedules of all proficiency tests offered by BIPEA to plan your internal organization.

Finally, thanks to this new area, you will have the opportunity to consult the stock of our ERMs and to be provided with additional testing samples if necessary and without sending a prior request to our sales team. So you can directly send your order and it will be shipped the next day.

The member area is currently undergoing tests by a group of laboratories (BIPEA members).

We will inform you of its launch for all of our members, as soon as possible.


New PT 73 - Vinegar

Within the framework of our development policy and in order to meet laboratory needs, we regularly set up new PT Schemes.

We are pleased to launch a new proficiency testing program "Vinegar". This experimental test is planned in 2015 and will include two rounds.

All technical details are described below:

- Schedule: one round in January 2015 and one in April 2015,

- Matrices: White wine vinegar, Red wine vinegar (0.75 cl) one sample per round,

- Criteria: Total acidity (acetic acid), fixed acidity (acetic acid), volatile acidity (by calculation), residual alcohol content, total dry extract, ash, reducing non-volatile substances, Total sulfur dioxide, free sulfur dioxide, total ascorbic acid, Chloride  (in ion Cl- ), sulfates (in ion SO42- ), Copper, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Lithium, Mercury, acetoin, density at 20 ° C, determination of methanol, higher alcohols and ethyl acetate,

- Method: OIV.

If you wish to register for this program or receive additional information, please contact our sales department by phone + or email shellali@bipea.org


New PT 72 - Flour: Mixolab Chopin+ Standard protocol

We are pleased to launch a new interlaboratory comparisons program in milling: « 72 - Flour: Mixolab Chopin + Standard Protocol ».

This program will be composed with 5 rounds. The technical detail is mentioned below:

- Schedule: 5 rounds from February to June 2015

- Matrices: Flour with different quality (250g per sample)

- Criteria: Moisture content, Hydration, Torque, time and temperature at step C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5

- Method: Standard Protocol "Chopin+"

- Time for analysis: 1 month.

If you wish to register for this program or receive additional information, please contact our sales department by phone + or email shellali@bipea.org


2014 General Assembly

BIPEA General Assembly held on December 4, 2014 on the premises of Eurosites La Chapelle in Paris (75018).  

During this day, the reports covering the financial activities and the auditor’s reports were presented to the attending members. 

Two interventions were also held on allergens:

- Determination of allergens: perspectives by Mr. Tranquet (INRA Nantes)

- Consumer information on allergens used in unpackaged food by Mr. Bertrand (DGCCRF Paris).

We ended this day with a tour of our new premises in Paris.

BIPEA new premises

Since June 30, 2014, BIPEA moved to new premises in Paris: Business Park CAP 18 - 189 rue d'Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris.

For many years BIPEA knows a regular growth; in 10 years, more than 1,000 laboratories joined us. To guarantee our business development, this move appeared as very important.

 New workspaces to meet BIPEA development

Larger and better organized premises and spaces were built in order to meet our needs.

This building includes offices and production areas that were built and organized in order to optimize the manufacturing of our samples: from the reception of raw materials to the samples shipment, including the manufacturing and homogeneity control. 

These developments have also allowed us to adapt the manufacturing areas according to each type of matrices and parameters.

 Paris, proximity for all

The geographical location of the new facilities was an important key factor in our search. Localized in Paris, the Business Park CAP 18 provides better access for our members and employees:

- Public transportation: Metro (line 7 and 12), Bus (35, 54, 60) Tram, T3b,

- Car: Parking spaces available.

CAP 18 site will absorb BIPEA’s growth for the next 15 years.