Accuracy monitoring charts

Participation to a Proficiency Testing Scheme permits the control the accuracy of your analysis at a point in time. The Interlaboratory comparisons report provides information on the performance in time.
However, it is important to follow the evolution of this performance on the medium and long term.
The accuracy monitoring charts allow following the accuracy of your test results in time: it gives a visual interpretation of the evolution of the performance for a given criterion.
This service is exclusively dedicated to members of Bipea.

It is a monitoring tool that highlights gaps like:

  • Slow and continuous drift
  • Systematic Bias
  • Matrix effect

Your accuracy monitoring charts allows you to see clearly the results of your analysis and help you to take corrective actions.
During an audit for example, and if your results show a bias, you can argue about the corrective actions you took.


Accuracy Monitoring Charts are transmitted in a PDF file. They contain for criteria, the following data:

  • A chart recapitulating statistical data for the concerned parameter
  • A graph showing the evolution of your results for a given parameter; expressed in Z-score.

Download an example of a monitoring chart. Accuracy Monitoring Chart example

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