External Reference Materials

What is an External Reference Material?
An External Reference Material is a sample that has been manufactured within the same batch as the samples used in our regular proficiency testing schemes. Since the samples are identical, the External Reference Material benefits from the assigned value that has been estimated by the participants of the Proficiency Testing Scheme. This External Reference Material allows us to control the performance of your analysis and can be incorporated in your regular quality control. External Reference Material can also be used when you need to repeat the process, for example, after an unsuccessful participation to a previous ring test. Please note that Bipea External Reference Materials benefits from the special care of storage and shipment. We have special storage rooms with controlled temperatures and conduct various studies on the stability of the External Reference Materials that secure the performance of each sample.


Conditions applied to External Reference Materials:
The service of External Reference Materials is exclusively open to Bipea Members.
External Reference Materials, manufactured by Bipea, meet the requirements of FD V 03-115 guidelines. They are exclusively dedicated to members and are sold individually with regards to stock availability.
External Reference Materials are sent after the publication of the Interlaboratory Comparisons Report (ILCR). They are stored in appropriate conditions. The time of storage depends on the nature of the sample (see Table below). The duration and storage conditions are guaranteed by Bipea and ensure reception of samples in the same condition.

Particular cases for PTS on microbiology (35, 50, 51 (options 51a51c, 51d), 54, 56): Because of their instability, those samples cannot be sold as External Reference Material after the scheme: however if you are interested in additional samples, you can order External Reference Materials. They will be delivered at the same time as the samples sent for the regular PT scheme.

The price of the External Reference Materials depends on the nature of the sample and the shipping costs. As soon as we receive your request, the sales department will inform you on stock availability and prices.
Remarks: when placing an order, please specify the nature of samples requested and the manufacture date (month & year).
You can send your order by email(sales@bipea.org) or by filling our form.

Click here to know the lifespan of External Reference Materials by field Storage conditions of External Reference Materials by field


How can I get a discount on External Reference Materials?
It is always possible to get a discount! We offer discounts when we know the number of samples needed to be manufactured in advance. Tell us the number of samples which you will need in advance (i.e between June-August) so we can set up an “ERM contract” and offer you a discount! Once the contracts have been established (between June and August), we are able start the preparation of samples for our next campaign.
Additionally if you know the number of samples needed approximately for external reference materials for the following year, and you order more than 10 samples for a year, then we can also set up an “ERM contract”.

For more information do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives (sales@bipea.org).


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