Registration conditions and confidentiality policies

Registration conditions

Laboratories can register at the beginning of the annual series, i.e. in September. When registering at a different time, laboratories will be allowed to join in and pay a fee, which is calculated on the remaining samples of the annual series.

As Bipea believes in the on-going evaluation of the performance of testing laboratories, we do allow registration at any time: participating laboratories will receive all samples of the annual program from the time in which register.

Please note that an annual fee is required: This fee is due annually and corresponds to the administrative costs of the Association. 



In order to ensure anonymity and complete confidentiality of laboratories information, Bipea guarantees the confidentiality of data as follows:

- Administrative information: Any administrative information provided by the laboratory is confidential and cannot be communicated to a third party.

- The data published in the monthly PTS reports are linked to edition codes that are known exclusively by the participating laboratory. At the beginning of every PT campaign, every Edition Code are changed and may be consulted by using passwords. This allows us to view the PT report results of all participating laboratories without being able to identify the participants.

- Confidential passwords are sent once registration is completed. Confidential passwords allow access to the member’s interface and to on-line answer forms. Passwords are valid until membership lasts and can be changed upon request whenever necessary. Laboratories can change their passwords online.