Organization of BIPEA

BIPEA is a non profit association, which supports testing laboratories. Our expenses and incomes are balanced by our policy at the end of the annual series. If benefit is generated, it must be totally invested in the association in order to improve our service. (Investment in R&D, machine, software, staff…).

The governing authorities of Bipea are made up of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

Authorities of BIPEA

General Assembly
The General Assembly is an annual meeting which gathers all participating laboratories in order to discuss various topics concerning the administration of Bipea. Thus, participation to this meeting allows:

  • to be informed and to discuss the activities of Bipea and the financial report,
  • to be up to date with External Auditor’s report ,
  • to be elected on the Board of Directors of Bipea or to renew mandates.


Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is chosen by members at the General Assembly. The board manages topics surrounding Bipea. For example, it determines budget and financial transactions, establishes annual fee, PT schemes pricing, creates or deletes the schemes, etc…
The board chooses the President of Bipea, the scientific advisors and the chairpersons of specialized Committees.
It meets at least twice a year in order to examine Bipea accounts, to prepare the General Assembly, to determine the budget, and to approve the participation costs.


Bureau of the Board of Directors
The bureau includes the President, two vice-Presidents, the Secretary and the Treasurer which were elected by the Board of Directors. The President can assemble the Bureau at any time in order to solve urgent problems.

Scientific advisors
Scientific advisors are specialists, teachers, professionals, and researchers who have been appointed by the Board of Directors. They assist the Board with science and technical development of BIPEA. They are members of the Technical Board of Management.


Technical Board (TB)
The Technical Board is composed of:

  • Chairpersons of specialized committees,
  • Scientific advisors,
  • Members appointed, such as laboratory managers, technical experts…


The Technical Board meets at least once a year. The program is set up by the Bureau of TB, and can be modified by present members.
The Technical Board provides technical support to Bipea staff members.

For example, the TB can be consulted for:

  • The design of a statistical model,
  • The creation of new Proficiency Testing schemes,
  • The creation of new technical assessment,
  • Technical topics,
  • The development of new markets…


The Chairperson of the TB checks the objectives of the quality policy, which is established by the President of the Board in its declaration.
The TB validates the quality documents referring to new activities of Bipea through the Chairpersons of Specialized committees.


The Bureau of the Technical board
The Bureau of the Technical Board includes the Chairperson, the Vice-chairperson and 4 to 6 members. The Bureau meets once or twice a year, in order to deal with urgent problems and to prepare the TB meeting.

Specialized Committees
Each PTS is associated to a specialized committee, which is in charge of its management and is made up of all participating laboratories of the schemes.
This committee is represented by the Chairman, who can be elected for 4 years renewable thrice. At the end of each mandate, an election is set up in order to choose the new Chairman of the committee scheme.
Specialized committees are meetings where participating laboratories concerned by the schemes can easily exchange on different topics. For example, they can suggest a new idea in order to improve the schemes, set up a new matrix / parameter, and etc…


Chairperson of Specialized Committees
The chairperson of a PT scheme committee can be consulted by Bipea staff members on all problems related to the PT scheme. He/she validates the statistical results of analysis and adds comments. He/she organizes , along with Bipea staff members, the program of the annual PT meeting. With his/her technical skills, he/she assists the scientific and technical manager of Bipea. The chairperson volunteers his/her time and is not paid.

Technical group
When the annual meeting of a PT scheme gathers participating laboratories together, the specialized committee can set up a technical group composed of 3 to 5 members who are recognized for their technical skills.
The technical group assists the Chairperson during the annual meeting. They can also set-up technical proposals, draft test methods preparation and validate test results of PT schemes.
A new technical group is set up when a President is re-elected.


Organization of BIPEA staff
BIPEA staff members are in charge of the organizational and technical management of Bipea. It is controlled by the Director, who is appointed by the Board of Directors and assisted by the Deputy Director.
The President of Bipea and the Director determine the quality program, and is managed by the Quality Manager.